Simple Guide To Getting The Right Gaming Keyboard


When gaming comes to mind, few things are more vivid in the mind than an awesome gaming keyboard that sends shivers down the spine of any serious gamer. While not every keyboard is suited for gaming, there are several that are and if you are looking to buy a gaming keyboard, you have many different options. You can go with a basic gaming keyboard, or opt for high end mechanical keyboards that offer macros and light sensitivity for all your gaming needs. When you go for gaming mice, however, you will want to take some time to understand the differences between these two types of gaming mice. Gaming mice do not have laser markers on them just yet, so here are some of the things to consider when choosing between gaming mice:

  • Gaming mice are divided into optical and laser based. In other words, there are mouse types that are optical and there are laser based ones. The optical ones have laser diodes underneath which detect movements in front of the mouse. Because this is a new technology, the gaming mice available right now have a nice smooth mouse ball that offers a friction free and smooth movement.
  •  Gaming keyboards are also separated by their sensitivity. A common gaming keyboard found in the market today is the optical one and the laser one. The optical one is generally designed for lower end gamers while the laser one is typically reserved for higher end gamers and is often times used for gaming tournaments. Before you choose between an optical or laser based gaming keyboard, make sure to read up on its pros and cons. For example, an optical one is easier to use and forgiving when it comes to finger placement. On the other hand, laser based gaming keyboards have a faster response time and more control over movement thanks to its motion sensitive feature.
  •  Gaming mice are differentiated by their style. There are optical ones and mechanical ones. Optical ones are usually light weight with red lights as they are commonly used for gaming. Mechanical ones however have a lot of extra buttons as compared to the normal gaming keyboards. They come with special LED backlighting for greater visibility under low light conditions.
  • Gaming mice are oftentimes equipped with special wrist rest and key switches. The wrist rest or the logitech g915 rest is a simple rubberized piece that provides the gamer with increased comfort as they play for long hours. This is made from high quality materials and comes in different sizes and designs to suit the needs of different gamers. Key switches, on the other hand, are tiny rubber pads that are placed on the underside of the actual key. Key switches can provide additional functionality such as macro keys and additional gaming modes. These switches are also available in different sizes and designs.
  • The lighting of the keyboard has also changed with the advent of computers and gaming mice. Lighting allow players to see their keys as they type without having to stop what they are doing to look at the keys. This is especially useful for new players who often make mistakes while trying to key their commands. Lighting also allows gamers to know when they have typed out a command but are unable to view the actual key. Special LED lighting systems are available which not only show the key that was pressed but also the rest of the keys that were hit.