Family Fun Things to do In Dulles

Family Fun Things to do In Dulles


So, you’re looking for things to do with your family in Dulles. You’re in luck because Dulles is a great place to go out and have some great family-friendly fun! No matter what you and your family prefer to do there will be something for you. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “I have the day off with the family, now if only I knew some things to do near me with them.” then you’re in the right place. We’re going to look at a few things for different age groups that you can take your family with you to do.

Go Go-Kart Racing at Dulles Indoor Racing Track.

Dulles has a great indoor go-kart racing track. This is an ages 13 and up activity because the karts are very fast. In fact, the karts in this facility can go up to 50 miles an hour. The track can fit 10 karts, so races will always be fun and interesting, and you’ll always know who won unless you finished within a couple flaps of a hummingbird’s wings of each other.

That is because this track uses sensors to tell you your lap times within 1/100th of a second. With that kind of accuracy it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be finishing close enough that it wouldn’t be able to tell you who won correctly.

They also make sure that their track is as safe as possible for all drivers, and they do this in a lot of ways. The design of the karts is meant to make them as safe as possible, the karts track has guard rails that make impacts less forceful, they give you a helmet, and the facility can slow or stop all of the karts if something on the course might pose a threat to the drivers. 

Take Your Kids to the Arcade

Want to hear one of the old-school things to do that is still around? If your kids aren’t 13 yet, or one of them isn’t, it may be a fun idea to go look at the arcade. The arcade in Dulles has games that give you tickets that can be exchanged for prizes at the prize desk. No VR at this location 

If you’ve been to a lot of arcades growing up you’ll likely notice that a lot of classics are there, while there are also a lot of new games gracing the arcade floor. Whether you’re coming in to nostalgically revisiting the classics of your youth or to try out some of the new technology you’ll still have a blast, and if you bring your kids with you, you might even be able to help them win a big ticket item, especially if you have a hidden talent with one of those games. 

Arcades always have been a great place for people of all ages to come, unwind, and have a great time while playing video games together. Going to an arcade with your family could prove to be an incredible family bonding experience. 

Finding Family Fun in Dulles, Virginia.

Family fun is always right around the corner in Dulles, and whether or not you decide to go with any of our suggestions there’s a high possibility that you’ll still be able to find some great family fun that you can use to both relax and bond with your family unit. The most important part of the time you spend with your family is that you can all have fun as safely as possible, that way when the years go by you and your family have some wholesome memories to look back on.