The Two Most Popular Video Games In Japan Right Now

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Japan is a country with a huge demand for quality video games. After all, that’s where a lot of gaming was born. Sony Corporation, which makes the Sony PlayStation console, is one of the most successful tech companies of all time. They also release a ton of video games, both exclusive to the system and those available for a broader audience (such as PC, Xbox, and even the native Nintendo).


It is no big surprise that most of the games that are super-popular in Japan are for the previously mentioned local console, which is also the prime choice of a huge chunk of Far East gaming enthusiasts. In the article, we discuss the games that were most downloaded since the launch of the last generation consoles. We will base our review on official data from the largest companies’ reports.

Demon’s Souls

Coming as an exclusive on the just-released to the public PlayStation 5, it’s a bit of a surprise that so many people decided to grab the game. We do know that this is a remake of a hugely popular title, and that its fanbase is perhaps unmatched by any other contender in the genre. Owing to the original Demon’s Souls game, which was released way back in 2009, the fame continued to the newborn yet highly similar Dark Souls series.

While it absolutely conquered the hearts of millions of fans around the globe, in Japan this game has a cult-like following. And by a cult, we mean thousands of people, if not millions, who have played these games countless times, and memorized and loved every bit of the series. It’s hugely popular due to the difficulty of the game- and the Japanese are no strangers to taking on a few challenges.

Anyone can enjoy this game, but a thing about the people in this country makes them tick a little differently. Culturally, it’s an honor to do something that’s incredibly hard, and thus make yourself proud and a “cool guy” in the eyes of your peers. Dark Souls gamers are one of the most hardcore folks when it comes to enduring thousands of deaths through the play-throughs, and the data shows that they are super willing to take on the challenge.

Marvel’s Avengers

There is very little doubt about how successful the movies were, and are right now even years after their release. Marvel releases the most successful comics in human history for over a hundred years. When they started making the films, it was only a matter of a short time they become number one in every movie theater around the world.

Why is that the case? It’s complex, but to put it simply the story tells the common archetypal “Hero” myth. Not a myth in a made-up kind of story (although it is), but a fundamental human tale that incorporates the most basic aspects of our civilization. There is a hero, and he is going to save the world. Throw in some humor, amazing (the best there is) graphics and video effects, and incredibly talented and popular actors, and you’ve got yourself the best-selling movie franchise of all time.

Gamers Love Movies, Just as Much as Other Folks Do.

And the Avengers series is no exception, but may actually be more adored by the video game industry. Feeling like you know why? Because it’s very similar to what video games do: there are heroes in both worlds, and the stories are almost identical among them.

Now has come the day when Sony released a mega-polished Avengers-based game. Instead of watching Captain America beat some bad guys on your TV screen, how about doing that yourself? That’s exactly what you can do in “Marvel’s Avengers”.

It was released for PS4 back in the pandemic year 101 but ported to the new generation consoles ASAP. Quickly becoming a hit on all platforms, the new-gen gaming devices benefited from faster gameplay and enhanced graphics.

Believe me, I could talk all day about this game, as I’m a huge fan myself. But instead of listening to my chatter about it, go ahead and play it yourself! If you are still hesitant about trying it (and I don’t why you would be), check out a Japanese review of the Marvel’s Avengers game on

Closing Thoughts

There is still plenty of time for other releases to beat these two titles this year, but we can’t say that will necessarily happen. Sony is investing a lot in the past their release, making tons of DLCs and overall supporting their games in a big way. In case that does occur, we will definitely let you know and write another report about it. If you’d like to know read a listing that’s a bit longer, check out this article.