CSGO Wallhacks: Understanding The Basics

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There are times that you have just entered a server to find out that players are playing the game with a godlike aim and incredible ability to see through things and walls. Playing against these types of players is like playing against the Monstars team without the great Michael Jordan (a Space Jam reference).

That is why after years of playing innocent, we will take a closer look at how you can use cheat codes when playing CS: GO – a top-rated third-person shooting game. It turned out that it is a lot easier than everyone has imagined. It is quite easy compared to what most people are saying.

Hacking games are a multi-million-dollar business on its own, and it lives off of designing, creating, selling, as well as reporting computer game cheats. According to estimates, around 25,000 unique user hacks per month. That is a lot of rage quitting for a month.

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If there are things you need to know about hacking a video game, you can check out websites that offer paid or free hacks for different console or PC games. The difference between the two is that paid ones run through an EXE. It handles the built-in Anti-Cheat system like Valve Anti-Cheat, automatically.

Free or paste cheats are more difficult to run and usually requires an injector to push your codes into the game. Paid hacks are very easy to run and have a shelf life of more or less six months while free hacks are quite challenging to set up, but almost if not completely undetectable.

Make sure to use it with a separate account from your primary account. All hacker knows this first and the most common rule of hacking. Even when you are hacking a website, you do not use your home IP address because people can trace it back to you.

We will not go into the exact details regarding how to configure the hacks since their instruction manual can be pretty detailed. But a frequent mistake that most beginner hackers make is using junk-codes. These junk codes are the secret in keeping free hacks undetectable.

Think of them as a random set of codes specifically built to bypass anti-hack programs. The idea of these junk codes is to write a lot of nonsense gibberish so that the anti-cheat programs will miss the actual lines of hacks inside the gibberish codes.


Without these junk codes, your cheats are exposed to the anti-cheating programs and there is a big chance that you will be caught. Writing gibberish codes are very complex. The more random the code is, the higher the opportunity of the programs slipping up and missing the actual codes. You also need to realize that ever folder of cheats needs to be populated with this junk gibberish. If you think of it, that’s a lot of random systems.

This way, these hacking programs can do the generation of codes and you only need to paste it inside specific folders. With the help of CS:GO ESP hack programs, you can now hide the hacks within the lines of carelessly formulated gibberish.

Now that the hack is configured and the codes are ready, you can now play with a god-like aim and an ability to see through walls in CS: GO. You need to remember that you now have god-like powers in the game where other players don’t have any idea you are using one.

Like what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility.” What do you want to accomplish by using these cheating hacks? People who blatantly hack will be discovered sooner or later, most probably within a few hours.

Cheaters that use these hacks that understand the game and possess discipline can stay undetected for a long time if they don’t get greedy. Listed below are some tips to keep the hacking on the down-low. We can’t promise you that you will not get banned, but following these tips and keeping the cheating to a reasonable level will keep it in check.

Tips and tricks

Do not stare at other people through walls. When players re-watch their game and see players staring at them through the walls and shooting other players through the map, there is a big chance that they are a bad hacker. Please do not do this.

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Do not always have aimbot on; in short, do not overuse aimbot. It makes you snap between players. The spectators easily see it.

Do not, at all costs, use super hacks or cheats that are very obvious. When you see someone floating above the map or walking through walls, you have probably seen a beginner in this subject. Do not do what they are doing.

Do not be afraid t die. Making sure that you get hit or die regularly is very important to maintain plausible deniability. If you have a 20-0 score line, players will suspect you of using cheats regardless if it is true or not.