Top 4 IPL Teams in 2021

Top 4 IPL Teams in 2021


The 2021 version of the IPL is going to go down in the IPL folklore as a unique season which was held in two halves. A season which began during the month of April in 2021 had to be suspended due to the onset f the second wave of the pandemic that went on to affect the smooth functioning of the IPL as a few players from various teams got infected with the coronavirus. The second phase has now been announced and is going to commence from the 19th of September in the UAE. With that taken care off, it is time to analyze the business at hand. What happens to the teams that are at the top of the league and whether the change of conditions benefits some teams and is a disadvantage for some teams.

The current top 4 teams are the Delhi Capitals, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers and Mumbai Indians. With the IPL shifting to UAE, there is a distinct advantage that goes to the Mumbai Indians and the Delhi Capitals who were finalists in the previous edition of the IPL that was played entirely in the UAE. Chennai Super Kings who had a horror season last time around came back roaring in this version of the IPL and figured out a way of excelling in the tournament that they have dominated for years. The shift to UAE however might not work out well for them as they haven’t performed well in the past here. They are however better equipped to handle spinning conditions with the likes of Moeen Ali coming in as reinforcements. CSK and RCB were the real success stories of the first phase of the IPL as they looked set to make the semis. This however changes now as the IPL points table 2021 may look different after the second phase is over. MI and DC are going to be licking their chops with the kind of conditions and the size of boundaries really favoring them and the composition of their side.

SRH, KXIP, KKR and RR are the teams which would feel that they have benefitted from this break as this gives them a chance to introspect and come back to the top 4 contention with the change in scenery. SRH had a disastrous first half but with the likes of Rashid in their ranks and their bowlers being experts at variable pace, they would feel that this is a change that they would welcome. Rajasthan Royals have a good composition and have found able replacements for their injured players now and are definitely in a better position than what they started the tournament.

Kings XI would also like to benefit from the development of KL Rahul in the test arena and how good he has been in the recent times. If he can bring his form and confidence into the tournament, it would definitely benefit the Kings XI team.

KKR have a lot of options when it comes to their spinning department too. They also added the services of the likes of Harbhajan Singh to their addition. With the shorter boundaries at their disposal, they also have the likes of Andre Russel and Eoin Morgan who can clear the boundary at will. This gives them a great chance of getting back into the tournament.

With half of the games left, there is still a lot that can happen in the IPL and a lot can be done to deliver the goods by the teams that are lagging. So, stay tuned and wait and watch.