Alternative Things To Do In Wow Bfa: Twinking

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End game Raiding and PVP is fun but can get a little stale when you’ve been doing it for months on end. Sometimes it can feel like you’re just waiting for the next raid tier to be released and you find yourself wondering “why is there nothing to do in BFA?”. Finding alternative things to do in BFA is all about being creative and sometimes that means stepping away from end game content entirely. Low level twinking is a fun and challenging way to experience old content through fresh eyes.




Twinking is the process of turning off your XP so that your character will not level up. If you’ve not heard of twinking you might be thinking “why would anyone want to do that?” The answer is because they want to be the best geared and most skilled they can be at that level.

Here’s how it works. For PVP twinking, a player will level to the level they want to stay at, which will almost always be the maximum level allowed in a particular battleground bracket. For example, the first battleground bracket is for players level 10-19, so a player will want to turn off XP when they are level 19. A player will turn off their XP by visiting a specific NPC in their faction’s capital. The player will then focus on getting the absolute best gear for their character by running dungeons for low drop rate but highly desirable items, or by buying them off the Auction House.

It used to be the case that twinked players in the 9th level of the bracket would enter battlegrounds with everyone else and be able to cause havoc by overpowering the under-geared questing players who are usually in greens. However, Blizzard changed this a few years back and now twinks will only get put in battlegrounds with other twinks, which is fairer, but less fun for many players. Some players also choose to twink at level 80 to get the Harold of The Titans achievement in which players need to defeat a raid boss with an item gear level of less than 100.


Depending on what level you’re trying to twink at, getting the best gear can either be very time consuming or very expensive which leads many players to buy WoW Gold. You can buy WoW Gold by using the in-game WoW token system in which you buy a token for real money and then sell it on the Auction House to obtain World of Warcraft Gold. Of course, you can also go to online marketplaces and buy WoW Gold from online sellers. Players choosing to buy WoW Gold in ways not approved by Blizzard has been happening since Vanilla WoW, and despite Blizzard’s attempts to put an end to it, it persists. Of course, with this route, you’ll likely get a better deal than going through the official WoW system and be on your way to being the most geared twink in Azeroth, but just be aware that if Blizzard suspects anything you can get an account ban.