What Do We Do When We Have To Stay At Home?

What Do We Do When We Have To Stay At Home?


It’s definitely a strange experience being stuck at home all day with the kids, especially when you’re used to each of you going about your business. You, to work. Them, to school.

But this can be a wonderful opportunity to connect with your children and encourage their artistic and creative development.

  1. Bust Out A Coloring Book!

Kids love to color stuff, and they really don’t get to do enough of that nowadays, in our technology-obsessed world. So why not take advantage of this period when you’re all stuck at home to change that?

Encouraging children to use printable coloring pages and crayons is a wonderful way to stimulate their creativity.

And hey, why not join them? You could do with a little bit of creativity yourself, in these harsh times!

  1. Plant A Garden

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house with a courtyard, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. But even if you live in an apartment, it’s a good moment to improvise. Gardening is often used for its’ therapeutic effects in helping people acknowledge and deal with trauma. And we are all going through a collective trauma here, adults and children alike.

So maybe take the time to teach your kids a thing or two about Mother Nature, while spending some much-deserved time together.

  1. Education Is Everywhere.

We know YouTube is supposed to be the bad guy here. After all, aren’t we always saying how kids should spend less time on YouTube and more time playing outside?

tucan-flower-coloring-page-adults_52104-238.jpg (626×626)

Well, it situations like this, YouTube can actually come in handy. There are hundreds of great, educational channels out there, to enjoy with your children. You can learn about science, psychology, the history of the world or famous paintings (you can even couple this with the coloring activity from earlier!).

  1. Make A Fort.

Children never get tired of making a fort. Even the introverted, computer-y types. You can build great forts in your living room and the best part is, you can do it with basically anything you have at your disposal. Cartons, blankets, pillows and toys.

Fun Tip: You can decorate the walls of your fort with colored pages from earlier, for an added ‘homey’ feeling.

  1. Take Up A Sport Together

Children, by nature, love movement. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard for them to move as much as they’d like in these isolation times, stuck at home all day. So, encouraging them to do a sport with you can be an excellent way for you guys to spend time together. Not to mention the exercise will probably do you a world of good, also.

Try yoga or dancing, these are generally easy enough for kids to follow through. And yoga has some really funny positions, which children just love to imitate.

If you’re stuck at home with the children, don’t despair. Appreciate this time as a moment for you to reconnect and play together.