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How To Spot A Fraud Online Casino?

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Players are spoilt for choices when it comes to the number of online casino platforms available these days. But, make sure you do not get carried away and check if the casino site you have chosen is entirely legitimate and trustworthy. A fake online casino may have many issues—pirated games, dodgy payment records, hidden deductions at the time of prize reward withdrawal—all of which may lead to loss of money and your precious time. To prevent such mishaps, here are some cues for you to pay heed to and find out whether the site you are considering is genuine.

Years Of Establishment

A casino which has been running for more than three to five years in the online world may be deemed reliable. It is because, no casino can survive for a long time if there’s anything wrong with the games or the payment systems; reviews and reputations about casino malpractices spread faster than wildfire, and such casinos shut down sooner or later. All reliable casino sites mention the details about their journey and performance, or else, you can also check any aggregator website for online casinos.

No License From A Reputed Gaming Authority

Depending upon the area, an online casino is operating out of; a recognised gaming authority grants it a valid license. For example, Casinos in the UK get the license by the UK Gambling Commission; similarly, US casinos get it by the Kahnawake tribe in Caribbean island nations including Antigua and Curacao, Canada, and Central American countries including Costa Rica and Panama. A license is not a foolproof guarantee that all is well with the casino, but does signify that the site is real and one may consider it if it passes all other parameters of a trustworthy online casino.

Reviewed Negatively Time And Again


In the cyber ecosystem, the flow of information is quick. So, if a site had faltered over the payment, changes the terms of its bonus at short notice, or closes your profitable account abruptly–then it will not take this information too long to find its way online in the form of reviews and ratings. A quick look at the reviews and ratings on sites like will let you know if what’s promised on the casino website is delivered or not. If you find an online platform which has been reviewed well for more than say five years and does not have any significant complaints or scams reported under its name– you can trust that you have found a legitimate one. As a thumb rule, a casino website with 3.5 to 5-star ratings is generally good to go.

Lack Of Testing Certification

Casinos, whether online or offline, are infamous for being rigged. But! The truth is that this is instead an exception than a norm. Therefore, to get the badge of proven transparency of their games, reputable casinos get audited by specialised auditing companies that run the games millions of times to check and establish that each spin, roll, or deal is random and that the published returns (RTP %) are accurate. Technical Systems Testing, eCogra and iGaming Labs are among the several well-known companies that issue these certifications. All real online casinos have links to their certificates displayed on their homepage that visitors can check. It can also be falsified – so ensure that you double-check the credentials of the testing company, the authenticity of the certificate, and date of verification of the audit. No testing certificate at all is a good enough reason to forego signing up on an online casino site.

Limited Or Lesser-Known Deposit Options

Genuine online casino stations aim at making everything easier for the players; this also includes providing them with multiple reliable gateways to add money. If you find reputable names like PayPal deposits, Visa, Master Card, etc., it is an excellent sign of the casino site takes customers’ trust seriously. No or not very popular deposit options or some obscure prepaid voucher system of accepting money can be a warning sign. Another red flag to spot a bogus online casino could be the deposits in the form of bitcoins.

Vague Details About Their Presence

Fake casino websites are rarely clear and upfront about their whereabouts. A simple ‘Contact Us’ form and limited options to get in touch with the casino operators indicate a lack of transparency and accountability. Real and legitimate casino sites have details about the ownership, addresses, multiple e-mail addresses, contact numbers, and often live-chat service—all displayed clearly on their homepage. Dig a little deeper before trusting an online casino when these home page basics are missing.

Try these six failsafe checks and let us know if you could spot a fraud online.