Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Bulgaria

Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a beautiful European country located along the coastline of the Black Sea. It is a popular destination for beaches and is home to numerous mountains, rivers, villages and plains. Bulgaria has breathtaking beaches, many hiking resorts and so much more.

According to the report of 2017, Bulgaria was considered the 50th richest country among the top 80 richest countries of the world and there are many expensive cities to live and buy property in Bulgaria. Here is a list of the five most expensive cities to buy luxurious and exclusive properties.

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Bansko is a small town located at the foot of the Pirin mountains. This town has gradually established itself as a leading winter ski resort in the country and attracts many  tourists. It is a great skiing and snowboarding destination.

Accommodation in Bansko is diverse. You can buy luxurious properties and apartments in this city. Being a top ski resort this town has developed gradually and have become very popular and so the property rates have also been increased. This town also offers amazing food, restaurants, museums and much more. The average property price for a luxurious house is around 84,000 EUR.


Plovdiv is a beautiful city; it is Bulgaria’s cultural city and was the European Capital of Culture. It is an important cultural, economic, transport and education center.

It is a famous tourist destination and serves many points of interest. This city is famous for natural diversity including mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, hot springs and rivers.  The property prices are also high in Plovdiv with an average property price for a luxurious house is around 100,000 EUR for cash buyers.


Varna is among the most visited cities in Europe, and it is the second-largest Bulgaria city. It is an important business center and offers so much to its residents. There are great transportation centers, entertainment centers and healthcare facilities.

This city has impressive nightlife, it is popular for fashion and has many modern shopping centers, markets and shops.

There are cinemas, art galleries and museums; the city offers countless cultural events and exhibitions. The climate of Varna remains mild throughout the years. The property prices are also high in Varna, Average property price for the luxurious complex house is around 480,000 EUR.


Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Bulgaria

Burgas is the second most expensive city in Bulgaria. This city is renowned as the tourist center of the south Black Sea coast. There are amazing resorts and sunny beaches. This city offers all kinds of entertainment and amusements to visitors.

The property price is also high in Burgas. Average property price for a luxurious house is around 500,000 EUR.


Sofia is the largest city and capital of Bulgaria. It is a pleasant city with a lively café culture and great nightlife. Sofia has unique Roman historical sites and many national places of culture. Sofia is famous for mineral water springs and fountains.

Sofia is the economic heart of Bulgaria; it is the most developed and busiest city of Bulgaria. The property price and cost of living are high in Sofia, Average property price for a luxurious residential complex is around 750,000 EUR.