Choosing The Right Wax For Your Car

Choosing The Right Wax For Your Car


Simply washing your car is not enough, if you want your beloved vehicle to shine like it just came fresh out of the showroom, then you need to put in the extra effort and apply car wax on it. But how do you know if you are using the right kind of wax on your car? There are some things you need to ponder on when choosing liquid glass car wax, and some of these will be discussed in this article.

Wax vs. Polish

You may have seen them both in automotive supply stores, but what is the difference between car waxes and polishes, and which of them should you use? Car polishes have lots of light abrasives and fillers that can help eliminate those nasty little scratches that form in your car. If you notice that your car’s paint has many annoying swirl marks because of the rotating brushes in the car wash, you need to apply a coat or two of car polish to get rid of them.

On the other hand, Car wax does not do much in getting rid of scratches; what waxes do is it gives your car a sort of protective coating that will help prevent scratches. Car waxes also give your paint job a shinier finish.

You need both products if you want to detail your car; apply polish to get rid of the small imperfections, and then put on the wax to give it that showroom shine.

Choosing the Right Waxes

There are a couple of choices regarding choosing the correct wax, and all of them claim to be the best one. The most common dilemma that car owners wrestle with is whether to use natural Carnauba or synthetic car Waxes

Carnauba car wax is made from natural ingredients and gives your car’s paint a deep, bright shine. Carnauba wax also helps in protecting the color from the elements. For instance, it can help repel rainwater and keep it from seeping into the color and causing rust.

On the other hand, synthetic wax does not give the same kind of sheen that Carnauba wax does, but it does tend to last a lot longer. This means that you do not have to wax your car as often when you use synthetic instead of Carnauba wax.

Carnauba wax is also harder to apply than synthetic waxes. Even in paste wax form, Carnauba is still quite hard, so using it on your car’s body can become tedious. On the other hand, synthetic waxes come in liquid form; you spray it on the paint and then buff off the excess wax.

When it comes to choosing the right wax for your car, there is no such thing as the “correct” one. You should select the synthetic wax, but if you want a showroom shine and do not mind putting in all the extra effort, use Carnauba wax.