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Casino Bonus Types: Know These Primary Types

Casino Bonus

There are many reasons to start playing online Bandarq casino, and the casino bonus is one of them. When you start playing at an online casino, you will usually get twice as many chips according to the amount of money deposited, and often you will be playing free slots without even depositing money. Of course, online casinos do not offer bonuses to players because they are nice, but rather because in this way they attract new players to their casino. Online casinos offer different types of bonuses to players. You have probably heard of a lot of them: Welcome Bonus, Deposit Bonus, No deposit bonus, and Free Spins.

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is only intended for new casino players and, as a result, uses the term “welcome”. These bonuses usually consist of a deposit bonus, but sometimes they can also be a no deposit bonus. That way, you will find both types when you start playing in a new casino.

Deposit Bonus

The most common is that new players receive a generous deposit bonus when they deposit money into the casino account for the first time or sometimes even on first deposits. Many casinos often also offer reload bonuses to their loyal players, however, these bonuses are usually not that generous. So, what kind of deposit bonus can you receive? There are two types that can reward the player with the deposit bonus: Cash bonuses, and Free Spins.

Cash bonuses: If you receive cash bonuses on your casino account, you can basically use that money to play any game that the casino offers. However, if the casino offers a live casino, you probably won’t be able to use that bonus there.

Free Spins: When you visit an online casino for the first time, you will find that most casino games are slot machines. No matter which casino you are visiting, you will see this pattern everywhere.

No deposit bonus

There are currently few online casinos that offer casino bonuses to new players who do not deposit money into their accounts, better known as a “no deposit bonus”. Generally, the no deposit bonus consists of being able to play any of the online casino’s slot games, meaning they are basically free spins at the casino. The fact is that there is not a single online casino that offers even a small amount of money for you to start playing without having deposited.

Sticky bonus

There are also bonuses that you cannot withdraw; these bonuses are better known as “sticky bonuses”, because they are “stuck” in your casino account until you play with them. It is worth mentioning that no one should reject sticky bonuses just because of this, because you can withdraw the money you earn using this bonus. Sticky bonuses are not so common in online casinos these days, being much more common on online poker sites.

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