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10 Reasons Why Choose Unity For App And Game Development In 2020

10 Reasons Why Choose Unity For App And Game Development In 2020

Unity is a worldwide renowned cross-platform game engine that is known for developing highly entertaining and engaging games with interactive UX/UI. Even those with basic knowledge of programming can develop games and applications by learning it through Unity beginner tutorials available over the web.

Wondering how? Well, Unity comes up with a plethora of built-in tools and also has user-friendly features that make the development effortless and efficient. These are not the only reasons why Unity app development is in demand. Let’s make you aware of ten such reasons due to which developers prefer Unity for developing games and mobile applications:

Why Choose Unity For Game Development?

Let’s read more about them:

Easy to Understand

Unity 3D is easy to understand; developers with the basic development knowledge can work on Unity to build highly interactive applications. You just have to think about simple game ideas for Unity, choose the one you find suitable, and start building the app.

Fast Code Execution

With the “code less and build more” feature, Unity facilitates faster code execution. In simple words, developers can use different build-in tools and highly interactive interfaces to develop an app in less time. Moreover, Unity scripting is simple which enables fast iteration and execution of the code.

For Unity game developments, the developers have to choose a platform, click the Build button, save the game, and leave everything else on the game engine. All these features reduce time to market and cut down the development cost.

Supports Multiple Platforms

Unity 3D, the renowned game engine, supports more than 25 platforms, including Android, iOS, PlayStation, Windows, Xbox, and Linux. Moreover, it also facilitates cross-platform game development, which means you have to write the code only once to run an app or game on multiple platforms.

Vast Community Support

With millions of designers and developers using Unity 3D, the gaming engine has got a huge community support. Developers can discuss the development-related pros and cons of different communities.

Suitable For Multiplayer Game Development

Unity is a perfect platform for building multiplayer game applications such as PUBG, Clash on Clans, Call of Duty, and more. Moreover, it is also simple to build 2D and other simple games using this gaming engine.

Excellent Graphics Support

Unity comes up with an OpenGL graphic API, which helps in designing eye-appealing and enticing graphics for an app designed and developed for multiple platforms.

Multi-Lingual Support

Unity 3D supports almost all the programming languages; it means developers are free to choose any language for the development of the app. From C#, JavaScript, BOO, and others, developers can work on different languages for app development.

Simple Testing

Unity comes up with a built-in debugger to facilitate testing of the app without using any third-party tool or app. With this feature, it is easy for the developers to build a flawless application that runs smoothly on multiple platforms. There is no need for separate QA testing before publishing the app on the Android or iOS platform.

Vast Asset Store

To accelerate development and provide developers with additional features, Unity offers a huge asset store. It includes ample artwork, visual programming solutions, scripts, and other assets.

Supports Social Media Integration

Unity 3D supports social media integration; all you have to do is to embed social media platform SDK. This feature makes your app engaging and entertaining.

Now, when you are aware of the benefits of this game engine you can begin creating a game using Unity. On the other hand, if you don’t want to build it on your own, then connect to a mobile game development company or hire Unity developers.

Final Words

Gone are the days when people who love to play games have to visit game parlors to play their favorite games. Technological advancements have revolutionized the entire gaming industry by providing the traditional as well as many other exciting games available on mobile phones, gaming consoles, and PCs.

Most of these games are developed using the popular game engine Unity. Unity 3D is easy to operate, enables fluid and natural movements, comes up with a plethora of tools, facilitates multiplayer game development, and offers many other benefits. Read the complete article to know the other reasons why Unity 3D app development and Unity game development is in demand.

Also, if you want to build a gaming application using Unity, then find a experienced Unity employee monitoring software comparison app development company like Quytech. Select wisely to get the worth of your money.

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